Checklist: Working ergonomically in dentistry

Working posture

  • Natural S-curve of spine, no C-curve
  • Knee angle of 110-120˚
  • Feet flat on the ground underneath the knees
  • Feet directed forward in line with the upper legs
  • Legs slightly spread • Neck flexion max. 25˚
  • Body flexion with S-curve of spine, max. 10˚
  • Upper arms next to the body, max. 20˚ lifted
  • Forearms raised 10-15˚ above the horizontal, max. 25˚
  • Elbows in the middle position: avoid extreme pro- and supination
  • Wrists in the middle position: avoid extreme wrist postures
  • Symmetric body posture: eyes, ears, shoulders, elbows, hands, hips, knees, ankles on parallel lines

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